Basic skill in liver biopsy

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Wattana Sukeepaisarnjaroen, M.D.


liver biopsy, basic skill


Liver biopsy is the best standard investigation for diagnosis of liver diseases. This procedure is not preferred by most doctors because of its serious complication such as fatal internal bleeding. These
complications are indeed less than expected. The bleeding and other complications of liver biopsy can be handled by good pre-and post-operative procedures and self-care instructions. Those are:
properly inform the patients about the procedure detail, arrange proper pre-procedure preparations, understand the anatomy of intercostal nerves and vascular bundles, prepare to pose the patient
position and breathe training for performing during procedure, give intravenous analgesic and anxiolytic drugs before operative procedure to calm the patient, give the local anesthesia according to instruction procedure, perform the liver biopsy strictly according to the biopsy instructions, handle the post biopsy period closely and carefully, and give the self-care instructions at home. All of these procedures and instruction have been proved to be valid and useful to prevent all complications.

Figure 8 วิธีซิกแซ็กเทคนิคขณะเจาะตับ


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